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Kavanah Arts was born out of the passion and vision of Artist and Educator   Yehoshua Hooper to bring the power of visual language to the Jewish community as a means of expressing complex thoughts, feelings, and ideas.



Founder // Artist, Educator, Consultant

Yehoshua Hooper studied international affairs and Jewish studies at The University of Colorado at Boulder then went on to receive his MA in Jewish Education, Nonprofit Development, and Art Education at the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) in New York City. During his time at JTS, he was part of the artist residency program. Learning from Tobi Kahn and working at Jewish Art Museum provided him with a foundation to start putting his passions of Torah and the arts into specialized programming. While in Jerusalem, he studied at Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, where he received a certification in experiential education and ran community studio workshops in Nachlaot and other Jewish related programming. For the last two years he has served as the art director for the Ramah in the Rockies Omanut (Arts) program and trains Jewish art educators in his style and approach.

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