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A custom ketubah becomes a centerpiece of the new home and a testament to the beautiful tradition handed down for thousands of years and will eventually become a family heirloom, passed down from one generation to the next. 

Custom ketubah costs vary depending on creative options. 
The starting price for a printed text with handmade custom illustration (24x24) starts at $1800 and (30x24) $2000.  

For handwritten STAM text with a quill on special paper with hand-drawn custom illustrations is $3600. 

There is a consultation component that has to occur for all custom ketubah orders. 

Please be advised, I offer the following handwritten Aramaic text options:

Orthodox text + Lieberman Clause
Orthodox – Aramaic Chabad
Orthodox – Sephardic Aramaic
Orthodox – Ashkenaz Aramaic

For custom ketubah works, I ask for a 2-3 month window before the due date. Depending on the customization, there may be a rush fee if it's before my quoted delivery date. One suggestion before our scheduled consultation, go through my current works and find references to styles of my work that you like.  Click here to view more of my works on Instagram

Please consult with your rabbi or wedding officiate concerning the ketubah text. In addition, make sure you have
 the correct Hebrew spelling for the groom and bride's names, their parent names, and the location where the wedding will be held.  


1. During our scheduled consultation. We'll discuss your design, text, timing, and budget. 

Tip: Take a look at my current works and find artworks that you are inspired by.  

2. Upon commencement of our collaboration, a 50% deposit will be required, with the remaining balance due upon completion of the Illustration before delivery.


 I'll create a design sketch, send you a text proof for approval, and then the creative process begins.

3. The illustration is completed, packaged up, and sent to you. 



Thanks for submitting!

Ani L'dodi v'dodi li Ketubah


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