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Marcheshvan (מרחשון), known as Cheshvan (חשון), is the eighth month of the Hebrew calendar, associated with Scorpio (עקרב) and the Hebrew letter נ (Nun).

According to the Sefer Yetzirah, Nun is linked to "smell" and is crowned as king, forming Scorpio in the Universe.


In addition, the Hebrew letter ד (Dalet) is associated with the planet Mars, known as "Ma'adim”, the ruling planet of the month. Mars is the planet of courage, energy, and strength, mirroring the determination and tenacity of Scorpio. Marcheshvan, in Hebrew, translates to "bitter Cheshvan." Yet, we have the power to reshape it into "Ram Cheshvan," signifying "elevated Cheshvan."

Our task during the month of Marcheshvanis to turn bitterness into sweetness and the mundane into the sublime. Achieving this transformation demands a resilient consciousness and self-discipline. Turning darkness into pure light may not be easy, it’s worth the journey.

Marcheshvan (Scorpio)

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